Minor renovations underway. You might notice a few changes, the most interesting of which would surely be the alternate stylesheet selectors.

Currently, the net upshot is that you can read my blog and pretend you’re reading Meaghan’s blog. Which is really the best of both worlds, because she’s a far more interesting person while I’m a far better writer. I’ve often said that if our parents had had a single child he or she would’ve been far happier and much more well-adjusted - even though the gender confusion would’ve been tough on the poor hypothetical kid.

Sooner or later (probably later, as there are still some kinks to work out) this exciting new feature will propagate over to Her Highness’s blog, where the heavier usage and wider variety of browsers will promptly break everything and probably cause the server to either explode or just quit and retire to Mexico.

Isn’t it good to know I have this all planned out?

There’ll also be some sort of an hideously-ugly, no-frills, black-on-white theme, which will hopefully placate Her Highness’s visitors of a mystical bent. Damned whiners.