At one point I had a CGI rigged up that would get interesting stuff for the current day from the UNIX holiday/history files and display it inline (if you’re curious, check it out), but I really can’t come up with a good use for it. It would be kinda nifty to have the interesting events for every post attached, but I’m not sure how to make MT do that. I suppose it would be possible to add an include directive to the end of every post in the template and then modify the CGI to take the posting date as an argument, but I’m not really sure my poor server could handle that. It’s old and sickly. It coughs a lot, at the very least, though I suppose that could be attributed to hypochondria. It’s a big problem with webservers, trust me.

The source of this useless is rambling is the end of the Christmas season, and the realization that I’ve gotten so used to seeing the little Christmas hat on my sigil up in the top-left that the little guy seems bland without it. I guess I’m going to have to come up with little doohickeys (the technical term) for various holidays and pseudoholidays and arrange a CGI script to automagically insert them.

Sigh. Sounds like a lot of work.

As long as I’m making a to-do list, I also need to fix the comment preview and error template for Her Highness’s blog, and probably my own as well, not - that - that’s - really - an - issue - cause - unlike - Meaghan - I - don’t - get - any - comments - cause - nobody - loves - me - but - I - don’t - care - cause - I’m - generally - an - antisocial - bastard.