Two more themes. One is minimalistic and is my response to comments about the tulip theme being too complicated, while the other is frivolous and amuses me greatly.

The second would be a lot more accurate if there were some mechanism in CSS to reorder elements - you’ll notice I’ve put the date headers on the title bars for each post, but any long-time slashdotter will know that’s not right. Hopefully there’ll be something like this in CSS4…?

It seems like it should be possible; within and XML structure of a blog it would make sense for any attribute of a post (date, poster, title, body) to appear in any order - and if I remember my XML correctly, there’s really no way for a schema to enforce any particular (preferred?) ordering. Here’s hoping something like this shows up someday.

Unfortunately, most everything appears to break under IE5/Win, and most of my stylesheets are subtly wrong in IE5/Mac. And I have no info on IE6/Win anymore.

Ah well.