But specifically, right now, for the moment, I hate non-English speakers who post to English mailing lists with no formatting, punctuation, or capitalization.

If you’re from one of those weird far-eastern places where the alphabet is longer than many novels, fine, maybe you have an excuse. But if you’re French, you get no-freaking-sympathy.

French has capital letters at the start of a sentence. French has comma rules that are largely in line with English. French has a logical structure that lends itself to separating thoughts into different paragraphs.

The same goes for German, for that matter. And Italian. Spanish too. Basically any language they speak in Europe, as far as I know.

I swear to God, the next time some French moron posts to the Darwin-Dev mailing list with a nonsensical string of un-capitalized, un-punctuated letters, I’m going to track that fuckwit down and bury him up to his neck in sand.