As any Matrix fan with near-perfect recall of useless information could undoubtedly tell you, Mr. Thomas Anderson, also known by the hacker alias ‘Neo’, worked at a company called Metacortex prior to his untimely disappearance.

Image my surprise at being introduced to And, of course, a number of other very interesting sites.

For those keeping score at home, Elizabeth McConnell seems to be walking the same path as a certain Mr. Anderson, and Phillip Gairden seems to be encouraging her. Steven Walsh is just a little bit scary, perhaps because of the somewhat odd disappearance of former CEO (?) James Avery.

Beth doesn’t have a very secret password for her MetaDex account, but she doesn’t seem to use the same one everywhere. Damn. On the up side, Underscore doesn’t have a terribly impressive security system… working on that as we speak, it’s only a matter of time.

Oddly, seems to have ports open for Napster and Gnutella, which seems like something worth looking at more closely.

On the off chance someone finds this, collaboration would be welcome.