I use the term ‘geek’ as a general shorthand for technically-minded people, with the subtle hint at moderately lacking social skills.

I use the term ‘geek’ in reference to myself fairly regularly.

I’ve noticed that we, as a stereotype, have difficulties establishing communication. Once you know that both parties are geeks (and that they are geekish in similar fields) they can transfer information at a truly remarkable pace. But knowing this is never easy.

I understand how IP networking works. Better than a great many professional sysadmins, I’d imagine. But trying to convince another geekish human being that I’m able to handle these matters on my own is proving to be a bit of a sticking point.

Oh well. I’ll just use the standard Sean system. Ignore everybody else, do it right, and hope they don’t ask any questions.

Backup plan: If they ask questions, distract them with something brightly colored or shiny, and then run.

Backup backup plan: Two words… Klondike Bar. I’m not sure how this plan works, but I have a good feeling about it.

Mmmm. Klondike Bar.