It’s 10:30, and we me here at Neutiquam Erro are calling the election for Bush.

Some sort of problem with the electronic ballot systems here in Collier county; probably related to everybody in the county but me and my immediate family being mildly retarded. But I’m really not concerned, as Bush seems to be winning the state even without the substantial boost we’ll likely provide.

My current prediction has Bush ending up with nearly 300 electoral votes (290-something) and in the neighborhood of 57% of the popular vote. We’ll see how the tallies bear out my mentalics.


Updated 10:52 PM: Just flipped over to good ‘ol Dan Rather for a laugh. He just decided to call Pennsylvania for Kerry, apparently just so he could doomishly prophesy that Bush now needs both Florida and Ohio to win. It really is amazing that he gets away this.

For those not paying attention (and for tomorrow, when I’ll have forgotten), at this point nobody has called any of those three states by CBS, and Florida is at this point a far clearer call than PA. It’s not that I object to calling PA for Kerry, because that’s clearly where it’s going, it’s that I object to doing so merely for the thrill of spinning things his own way.