I bought a Playstation 3 a few years back (when I got my HDTV, as I recall) primarily to use as a blu-ray player (at the time it was actually cheaper than a standalone player). As Sony doubtless expected, it entered my home as a shiny black Trojan horse, and I’ve bought a handful of games since then.

Including, fatefully one from the Playstation Network (link goes to a Flash-only site, because Sony’s just in full-on pissing-me-off mode at the moment).

If you’re reading this there’s roughly a 99% probability that you already know that the PSN has been ‘out’ for nearly a week, and the latest news from Sony is that it ain’t comin’ back anytime soon, and oh, by the way, some hackers probably have your credit card numbers.

I know this the same way you do, through the magical collaborative power of the Internet. Not, say, from an email sent to me by Sony warning me that my credit card number had been stolen. Strike one, Sony. You assholes.

But as annoying — and probably actionable — as their failure to proactively warn their customers may be, that’s not what really pisses me off.

No, what’s really bugging me is that I can’t use Netflix on my PS3.

Why? Because Netflix on the PS3 — despite being tied to my totally independent non-Sony Netflix account — requires a PSN login to function. For no reason at all except that Sony are a bunch of goddamned morons.

Thank God for the Apple TV.