Every time I post to this blog I start with the comment that “it’s been awhile”.

I’m not going to do that anymore. With each new post it is simply to be inferred by the reader that I’ve delayed inexcusably and that my worth as a human being is therefore forfeit. There, now it’s on your shoulders. See how you like it.

Moving right along.

I’ve started a new job. It’s new enough that I don’t really think I should be linking to it yet, but it involves developing web-based applications that are used by a rather substantial number of people. To give a sense of scale, today I was trying to find the proper cutoff point past which the new reporting system would require reports to be delivered offline rather than on-demand. The current guess is 8,000 submissions. For some of our accounts this is a terribly low and uninspiring number and I shall shortly be endeavoring (by way of the black magic that men know as dynamic SQL) to raise it rather significantly.

Those who know me will be endlessly amused to hear that we’re a pure-Microsoft shop, and that I spend my days laboring in Visual Studio 2003. They’ll likely be likewise tickled to hear how hopefully I anticipate our impending immersion into a relaxing rinse of ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 (with a big ol’ chunk of SQL Server 2005 floating in the center like some sort of insane iceberg embedding execution of inline common-language code). I for one find the whole matter deeply depressing and more than a little disturbing. It’s like booting my MacBook into XP, but, like, with my life.

I really feel like I should say something political to wind this down. I usually try to write at least one sentence in every post that would drive some of my more moonbatty friends and family up the wall… Hrm.

Statistically speaking, Ann Coulter is probably smarter than you.

How’s that?

Jigging Zo, signing off.

Random post-script: That fifth paragraph really turned out nicely. All that alliteration amps my attitude. And if a single human being on the face of the planet manages to elucidate the erratic etymological elisions leading inevitably to the above intentionally inscrutable inscription, I’ll have to either propose marriage or track you down and kill you — I cannot abide duplicates!