Today when Sean came home, he saw a fantabulous sight!

The FedEx Fairy left boxes!

Sean was so happy that he did that growling-squinting thing that almost resembles a human smile!

Either happy or preparing to bit your neck

Sean was sad, because the pictures taken by his cell phone camera are very lousy. But then Sean had an idea!

“Hey, doesn’t this new MacBook have a camera built in?” said Sean. And sure enough, it did!

And *crack* went the lense!

It was very cool. It was so cool that Sean’s brain began to overheat! And his head began to melt!

PhotoBooth is a wonderful waste of time

“These pictures are so much better than the first two!” said Sean.

“You’re dead to me, cell phone!”

It shall sleep with the fishes!

“Poor Mr. MacBook Pro can see everything but himself!” noticed Sean.

This made Sean sad, so Sean decided to help Mr. MacBook Pro out. Sean took Mr. MacBook Pro to the magic mirror in the enchanted hallway by the front door.

It is a very bright screen

“Here you are, Mr. MacBook Pro!”

Just then, a radiation wave hit, and Sean and Mr. MacBook Pro got shot through a Wormhole!

I am not John Crichton

Now Sean is on a living ship full of strange alien life forms. But that is a story for another day!