Hillary thinks that Republicans are playing the ‘fear card’.

She’s almost right. Republicans are playing the terror card. As in, “Hey, look at those terrorists! Aren’t you glad we have an army?”.

I get that Democrats don’t want to be scared. Being scared is no fun – in fact it’s the exact opposite of fun. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable – it’s a complex evolved behavior that creates mental discomfort and motivates us to avoid or alter the situation that’s scaring us. There’s a point to fear - and that point is to get us off our asses and paying attention.

Sez Miz Clinton: “You cannot explain to me why we have not captured or killed the tallest man in Afghanistan”.

Actually, I can: because he’s simply not a priority. Osama bin Laden is not magic. He cannot fly, he cannot fire laser beams out of his eyes, and his ability to breathe fire is suspect as well. Capturing Osama bin Laden would have no greater tactical benefit than capturing any other high-ranking Al Qaeda member.

Al Qaeda is not a corporation, with the CEO making the tough calls. It isn’t an army, with the General deciding on the battle plan. Al Qaeda is a distributed network – yeah, just like those distributed networks you use to pirate MP3s. And the thing about distributed networks is that cutting off their head really doesn’t do anything.

Hillary’s comment shows her to be of the same mind as Kerry (read the last two paragraphs of this post). She sees the war on terror as revenge for 9/11, so clearly capturing Osama is the priority. Or perhaps she sees the war on terrorism as a way to placate the bloodlust of we idiot Christian rednecks, and that’s why capturing Osama is a priority. It’s really hard to say what Hillary Clinton believes, because her opinion changes every time a new poll comes in.