Black refugees ask if Utah will really accept them.

I suppose it’s a valid question, but that’s not what caught my eye.

“How do the adults feel about us moving in? What if I find a Caucasian girl and decide to date her?”

Asks the 36-year-old black man.

Think about that for a minute. The 36-year-old wonder what the adults think of him, and worries about dating a white a girl.

I’ve got to wonder, Mr. Andrew, at what point you stop worrying what the adults think and start thinking for yourself as an adult. And I won’t even bother suggesting that instead of ‘deciding to date a Caucasian girl’ you find a nice woman - whatever flavor you like - and convince her to date you.

Yeah, I’m jumping all over a poorly-contextualized statement likely delivered extemporaneously. But the fact that this attitude can exist - the thirty-six-year-old kid - seems to me to be symptomatic of a far greater problem.