I have a toothache. A rather bad one. I think I have an infection.

I’m taking antibiotics and Orajel. They seem to be helping, but I’m a bit more loopy than normal.

So here’s a semi-loopy statement that will someday turn out to be world-shatteringly important: the reason the laws of physics don’t seem to imply any particular ‘flow’ of time is that temporal velocity is implicit in all the equations modern physics has worked out; because everything we can continually observe is moving in time at the same velocity as we are, we’ve never noticed that most of our constants should actually have a time factor in them.

At the big bang, or whatever started the universe, matter started moving with a range of different spatial velocities; we already can be fairly sure about that. What we haven’t figured out yet is that matter also launched from the big bang with a range of different temporal velocities.

Good night.