At one point, quite a long time ago in Internet time, (2002) I posted to Slashdot. The topic is unimportant, but it was in response to a long, rambling, incoherent post and I think it did a fairly decent job of ripping the dweeb a new one. Check it out.

If Morpheus can use the Gnutella network together with all their aparatus of media file meta-information, and multiple segmented downloading, and if they use the hyper-cube network approach, rather than the tree one, it will simply rocks, and no one will be able to stop it when it begins.

And if pigs can fly, and I can ride one, and they fly me to hell, and it just froze over, and we all have ice cream…

Anyway, not too long afterwards I discovered someone named Martin had adopted my quote as part of his signature, and even included a link to the original comment. I was honored, of course, that a random stranger had found me worth quoting. You can still find a couple (1,2) of Martin’s messages cached on the web.

But now someone has taken my creative product and used it without proper attribution. Witness some random quote page, and some random random page (the quote in the masthead rotates, but trust me, it’s there).

On the one hand, I guess it’s a compliment. On the other hand, my ambitions towards supervillainy would seem to demand a swift and prejudicial reprisal. What say you, six regular but largely-nonparcipitory and partially-anonymous readers?