Haven’t posted in a while. Because I’m lazy.

Many things going on - firstly, big huzzah for Google, as I’ve moved up to the first result in a search for my name. I’ve been here before, so I guess I shouldn’t break out the champagne too soon.

Other big news, Delta Tao (or more accurately, DT president Joe) has re-opened canceled accounts in Clan Lord. It’s good to be back in Puddleby, and they’ve made a lot of progress in the years since I quite - though it’s somewhat depressing that so many of the old problems persist.

One problem with this ‘throwing the doors open’ approach to re-invigorating the player base, of course, is that Skirwan is three years behind everyone else, which makes for depressing hunting. I’m undecided as to whether I’ll stick around after the free time ends - but I’d probably re-up in a second if a thousand ranks fell out of the sky.

Other news: Ward Churchill isn’t an Indian any more, but he is still an idiot. Democrats think Karl Rove is the boogeyman, which would be funnier if I hadn’t just heard this tinfoilhattery coming out of my own Grandfather’s mouth a week ago. The YWCA is like the YMCA’s crazy cousin that the YMCA has to keep locked up in the basement. My gold-colored iPod Mini is now discontinued, and should thus be worth millions of dollars very soon. There’s now a standardized disclosure form for bloggers. Aquaman has already completed his. And apparently, everyone at Nintendo is totally blind.