I promised I’d stop, but I lied.

First, the vaunted ‘youth vote’. What the Kerry campaign seemed to miss is something good teachers figure out early on: kids are just little people. If approximately half of the population as a whole is voting Republican, then the same is more-or-less true for those under 21 (or 35, or 18, or whatever cut-off we’re using to describe this mythical bloc). Folks in the Kerry camp, like known idiot Michael Moore, thought that they were energizing the youth vote, converting them, getting out the vote - the problem is that it’s a futile exercise. Just as is the case with the larger population, the youths most likely to be swayed by Puff Daddy in an insane t-shirt are also those least likely to show up at the polls. If you’re going to put your faith in your ability to mold human clay, you need to be aware that said clay will tend to flake out on you when you need them the most.

Second: Exit polls. We had a clear demonstration of the uselessness of exit polling this November 2nd, right around noon-ish. And yet we’re still discussing them! I’m sick of hearing what percentage of the Hispanic vote went for whom. The fact is, we don’t really know. If the figures being tossed around were trustworthy and accurate, then I guess Kerry won the election. Which, despite some left-wing nut-jobs’ insistence in the affirmative, he most assuredly did not.

Finally, talk of secession. When you live in a democratic nation, you implicitly accept the will of the majority. If you don’t like it, leave. You don’t get to take New England with you. And if I hear one more batty lefty telling us that all the red states supported slavery, I might just fly off the handle. I’m not sure what handle or how far I’ll fly, but there will be a definite off-ward motion and flying of indeterminate distance in an unknown direction. And I’m sure I don’t need to point out that when these states seceded from the Union, they were all being run by the Democratic party.

UPDATE: Forgot this, but I wanted to get it in writing someplace. Remember back when the media was promising a 5-15% boost for Kerry? Kerry’s supporters seem unhappy that it never materialized… I think they’re wrong. I suspect the 49% Kerry managed to muster would’ve been around 40% without the Dan Rathers of the world trying to impose their will on the masses.