Sean has been sick in bed for the past week, hence the lack of updates.

Things I’ve missed commenting on:

Missing explosives.

Maybe Russia helped Saddam move them to Syria, maybe our military got there first and removed them, maybe the insurgents have them. Whichever way, if these are WMD enough to be a big deal, then perhaps this war isn’t the crock the Democrats would have us believe. Further, any news organizations that would even consider ‘holding’ this story till election-eve shouldn’t be paid any attention or given any credit.

Mary Cheney is a lesbian.

Who the hell cares?

New Al-Qaeda tape, maybe.

Again, holding things like this based on the proximity of the election is unconscionable. I’m looking at you, ABC. I’m not entirely convinced it’s real, myself. Give me a DV camcorder and a copy of Final Cut Pro - and a towel to wear over my head - and I could produce one just like it. The noticable English fluency is a bit off-putting, to say the least.

iPod photo.

I say to Apple about this what I said to my former employers about this: I would never use one, and I don’t know anyone who would. But in Apple’s defense, at least the iPod is a decent music player.

Ashlee Simpson lip-syncs.

Real or Memorex, either way it sucks.

Josh Martin takes second at the Florida state M:TG champs

Go Josh! Now I can be a real barn!