One of the latest political memes making the circuit has had to do with the accuracy of the media’s portrayal of the situation in Iraq. The Readers’ Digest version is that things are actually improving fairly drastically over there, but the media wants you to the think the war’s still going on full throttle.

Obviously both sides are skewing the available data to suit their agenda; that’s par for the course with statistics, as I’m sure Mr. Twain informed you (though before anyone jumps in, yes, I know he was just quoting Disraeli, so sit down). Sareth beat me to this one, so it’s probably just as easy to link to his post and to my contribution.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that, at least until Xepel posts his rebuttal to my corollary to Sareth’s rebuttal to Xepel’s rebuttal to Sareth’s rebuttal to Xepel’s comment on Sareth’s post.

And so this post has no real content at all. I like it. I think I’m going to call this meta-blogging, assuming the term isn’t already taken. It probably is - it’s a cool term. “Meta-Blogging”: it just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?