Charley is coming.

First off, what the hell kind of a name for a storm is ‘Charley’? I didn’t realize we were using nicknames for hurricanes now.

It’s interesting to note that I’m not sure whether I’m under an evacuation order or not - some information seems to imply that my entire county has been ordered out, while other info says it’s just the coastal areas, and still more information earnestly informs me that the beach is under ‘mandatory voluntary evacuation’. Whatever the holy hell that means.

Ah well. I’m updating this now, even though nobody will ever see it if something goes wrong; The server is located about nine feet to my right, you see. Also, FPL has a hard time keeping the lights on even on sunny days, so I’m not holding out much hope that my webserver will be up an running during a category two hurricane.

Though, stranger things have happened. Like Democrats nominating an apparent liar for president. Again.