Ever watch basketball? Sure you have. Know what I don’t get? Listen to the commentators for a bit, and you’ll hear things like, “and he’s lost control of the basketball”, or “and he shoots the basketball,” or “and look at them move that basketball.”

Why the hell don’t they just call it a ball? I mean, if you think they’re playing with a football, you’re probably sufficiently confused that the commentary is the least of your worries. Likewise if you don’t know what sport you’re watching.

Think about it! A 66% reduction in syllables! They say that word hundreds of times a game - think how much time that is over the course of their lives. Think how much wear and tear they could save on their poor larynxes (larynxi? larynxen?).

So anyway, that’s the end of my weblog post.

See what I mean?! Somebody call in the ODRDO (Office of the Department of Redundancy Department Office).