The new design for this site (Front Page Preview, Entry Page Preview) is still underway, and starting to look (by my standards) rather nice. I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with both CSS and MT template tags since my last rework, so I’ve taken the time to add some nifty things in the new version.

One innovation you might notice in the second preview is the coloration of the comments. Ideally I’d like to be able to assign a name (and possibly icon) to visitors, but that’s not really possible at the moment - when MT 3.0 rolls out with user registration for the comment system, that should hopefully do the trick. In the mean time, I decided to break up the monotony by making each entry a different color in a rotating three-color set. In theory it should be possible to do this with sibling selectors in CSS, but that would be an ugly hack: you’d have guess at the maximum number of comments you’d ever have and hard-code that many CSS rules. Also, it wouldn’t work right in Internet Explorer most of the time. Ah, IE - it makes the web exciting!

The trick I went with was the following lovely bit of obfuscation:

<MTSetVar name="color" value="1">  
<MTSwitch value="\[MTGetVar name='color'\]">  
<MTSwCase value="1">  

<li class="firstcolor">  
<MTSetVar name="color" value="2">  

<MTSwCase value="2">  

<li class="secondcolor">  
<MTSetVar name="color" value="3">  

<MTSwCase value="3">  

<li class="thirdcolor">  
<MTSetVar name="color" value="1">  


<h3 class="subtitle">  
<MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTCommentURL">  
<a href="<$MTCommentURL$>">\[<$MTCommentAuthor$>'s site\]</a>  

<h4 class="attribution">  
Posted at  
<$MTCommentDate format="%l:%M %p"$>  
<$MTCommentDate format="%A %B %e, %Y"$>  

<$MTCommentBody smarty\_pants="1"$>  


I’m sure any programmers out there are rolling their eyes and saying duh right now, but I figured some normal folk out there might find this useful. Essentially, the MTSetVar variable named “color” is used to store a number between 1 and 3 (inclusive). For each comment, we use the MTSwitch plugin to print out a <li> element with the appropriate class, and then update the variable to the next color value.

Anyway, I thought it was nifty. Though the colors aren’t final - I may mute the comments down or change them to varying grays to provide more differentiation from the category colors.

There are a few other little tricks I’ve come up (or more likely reinvented) while doing this. I’ll probably provide similar writeups for those, if/when I get around to it.

UPDATE: My old code-displaying markup is stupid. Try viewing this page with new design if you actually want to read the text.