Just played some CSS games. Current site status:

  • Readable with Safari, Mozilla, IE5 Mac
  • Unreadable in IE6 Win (content area underlaps sidebar)
  • Dark sigil appears on Safari, Mozilla, IE6 Win
  • Light sigil appears on Safari, Mozilla, IE5 Mac, IE6 Win

So I’ve got things working perfectly in Safari and Mozilla, nearly perfectly in IE5 Mac, and horribly in IE6 Win. Ironically, the change that fixed IE5 Mac is what broke IE6 Win.

I’m getting really sick of Microsoft.

Sad note: Apparently Safari won’t animate background GIFs. I can understand the decision, but it’s still disappointing. Switch temporarily to another browser if you want to marvel at the splendour of my flickering Christmas lights. Or I guess you could just view them directly. They look better in context, though.

So at the moment, only Mozilla is rendering everything correctly. Rah-rah open source, I suppose.