I read Penny Arcade every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I check in for non-update posts occasionally in the time between. I know it’s amazing that they’re able to produce a comic on that schedule, but I also have a hard time appreciating the difficulty because, well, I can’t draw. I am, however, able to write, and so the fact that they have a new news post three times a week is an achievement I’m able to appreciate in a slightly-fuller-but-still-not-full fashion.

Which is really a long-winded way of saying that I haven’t posted in a few days.

If anybody besides Her Highness (and the three anonymous users I’ve noted in my logs) ever visited here I might even feel guilty. Instead I just feel lazy.

Something, I might add, to which I am fully accustomed.


Simon and Garfunkel are probably the most rocking sexagenarians (it sounds dirty, but it’s not) around. The immediate family went to a the recent concert in Sunrise (at the peculiarly-named Office Depot Center) and I was quite impressed. The concert featured a ‘surprise’ appearance by the Everly brothers, who are also remarkably well-preserved.

Really, the only disappointment is that they never played Kodachrome, but I guess I really have no right to expect something from Simon’s solo years to show up at a reunion tour. Ah well.

CSN reunion last night. As was the case during the time I actually attended the school, I only recognized a fraction of those present. A fraction with a denominator rather significantly larger than its numerator, I must add. Noticed something odd today, though; with a single exception, all my friends from HS have four-letter appellations available (I say available because C_ was originally introduced to me under quadra-charactered nomenclature - it’s a long story).

Went back to Casa Del P_ later for Catan and videogames. I won my first game of Catan ever.

Happy dance!