People who go to college are mostly idiots. They sleep through classes. They buy books and don’t read them, fail tests, and learn nothing. The only sleep they get is after passing out. They drink anything that might cause brain damage. They smoke anything flammable. Their lungs look like a charcoal grill. They are infested with a variety of transmissible diseases. They never quit bitching. They are dangerously codependent. They don’t know when a joke has gone too far. They take and they take and they take without giving, but nobody minds because nobody’s paying any attention. They romanticize their childhood as an escape mechanism. Eventually they drink enough that they forget even this. They labor under the false impression that they were once human. They are now walking through an entirely new meat grinder while building the same old wall, and they think they’re someplace new. They are collectively deceived into thinking that this is the way of things, and their herd mentality keeps them in check. They hasten death. They eat crap, often in unsanitary conditions. They think they look to the future, but they only see the present or the past. They are more scared than they will admit and more confused than they will ever understand. They routinely grasp at straws. Their minds are derelict castles in which only ghosts reside. They search for happiness in transient relationships and meaningless sex, never stopping to realize that they’ve found none. They hide their pain from others and from themselves. They are driven by dreams of escape. Their dreams only drive them deeper in. All they can do is hold on to their delusions, close their eyes, and plug their ears.

And furthermore, I think Carthage should be destroyed.