Just had the last meeting of the obnoxious-hippy-treehugger class. It’s rather confusing to realize that I think I might actually miss it. It’s a dumb class, don’t get me wrong, but it was nice to have an open venue for argument once a week. Brings back fond memories of CSN English classes.

Last meeting of stupid-idiotic-dumb-business class was last night, but I’ve still got the final left for that. I can’t wait for this semester to end, but then again, I can wait for next semester to start. Sigh.

Apparently they’re firing all adjuncts for next semester. It’s distressing that at least one decent teacher will be thrown out with the bathwater, but in a more general sense it’s probably a good thing, all things considered. Dad will do a happy-dance, at any rate.

Domeign is continuing to solidify in my mind. All objects are enclosed another object, all Philotes have a parent Philote… Except of course for the architects, who encloses himself and is his own parent. I think. It’s complicated. I suppose I’ll just make traversing the hierarchy a prohibitive energy drain, and hope nobody probes the universe quite so deeply. Either way, I think I can make all the neat things I want to make; body tranplants, trained pets, evolving animals, Smiths, Fanan’s Automated Region of Trouble, little bald doctors, Roland, Frodo…

The only major open question I have at this point is synthesis and decay. There obviously needs to be a way to create an object from constituient elements, but where do you get the blueprints? My current idea is an (Aristotelian? Platonic? Who was that?) aether in which the ideal forms of all objects exist, which can then be probed, indexed, and if the wizard in question is sufficiently skilled, memorized. I like this idea because it allows me to quote Greek philosophers in explaining it, but I’m still working out the details of how exactly it could work.