Ares seem to be working again.

Ares being, of course, the server hosting this site. I always name all my machines (hey, it beats memorizing IP addresses) and I try to keep a theme going. Sometimes I take it a bit too far, I suspect. I’ve got Ares running the webserver. My main machine is Thanatos, with an internal ATA RAID-1 for storing my multimedia by the name of Clio. My nifty phone, which I love like a brother, shows up in iSync as Terpsichore. My iPod is named Iris (not iRis, though that would be funny), and my iTunes library shows up as Euterpe to other folks on the network.

This trend started way-back in IntelligentStorageLand, of course, with Prometheus, Hephaistos, and the oft-threatened-but-never-written Sisyphus. For those joining the party late, Prometheus was (is!) used at the factory to create FireWire hard disks, Hephaistos was built to help in developing nifty new FireWire hard disks, and Sisyphus would have been a burn-in program - something that continually wrote data to a disk forever, never really accomplishing anything.

The six people sufficiently versed in Greek mythology to understand all that and find it entertaining are cracking up right now, I know it.