Hypothetical question: You find a genie.

Maybe it’s an attractive female genie with an inexplicably hidden navel, maybe it’s an amorphous blue smoke cloud that sounds vaguelly like Robin Williams and has a tendency to break into song.

It doesn’t matter. The point is, the genie grants you one wish.

It’s a thinker. Money? Power? Women? I’d like to think I could get those on my own, if properly motivated. I’m forced to the conclusion that the only things worth wishing for are things that can’t be obtained through non-supernatural means.

Assuming the genie takes the sensible precaution of disallowing wishes for additional wishes or wishes for omnipotence, I’m down to wishing for the ability to sing or the ability to do a decent impression of Christopher Walken.

I’m not normal, am I?

And, by the way: You’re… in grave danger!