Need to set up the server to auto-reboot after a power outage. And I should probably put a surge protector on it. I need to figure out a way to edit my to-do list on the fly. That would be cool.

Seems to be displaying correctly in IE 6 right now. Haven’t tried it on IE 5 or IE 5.5 Win yet. I think I have those on my VPC image? Apparently Microsoft, Apple, and Netscape are all similarly stupid when it comes to the interaction of no-wrap spans within a compact box, so I don’t think there any way to get the effect I’m looking for with the lyric excerpts. Perhaps the solution is to transform them to lowercase and modify the excerpt script to put backslashes between lines rather than enclosing lines in spans. Not my idea of an optimal solution.

Splinter Cell is a cool game. Err, I mean: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a cool game. Friggin’ egomaniac. Still, I must take back some of the bad things I’ve said about the XBox. The first-gen controller are fricking enormous though. Big, big, big! Penny Arcade called that one correctly.