I haven’t written yet of the cellphone saga. The backstory:

The Kerwin family has three cellphones with AT&T Wireless. The phones and the accompanying service was originally purchase from CellularOne, which (in this area at least) was purchased by AT&T. As a result, we have a calling plan that no longer exists, with phones that are no longer supported.

We’ve been looking to upgrade our service, but we don’t want to change our phone numbers, so (for the moment at least) we need to stay with AT&T. Because of problems with our voicemail service that I’m led to believe are endemic to AT&T’s TDMA cell network, we were also planning to switch to their GSM network.

But they won’t let us.

It would increase our monthly bills by a not-insubstantial amount, and would require a fairly significant one-time outlay for the handsets, but they stubbornly refuse to budge one bit in helping us. It makes me wonder how this blasted company stays in business. Every time we’ve interacted with AT&T in any way we’ve been disappointed; the woman at the local AT&T Wireless store has lied to us, the website goes up and down like a bloody yo-yo, the phone support personnel vary from clueless to downright malevolent. When cellular number portability kicks in, we are so out of here.

I certainly hope everyone does the same. AT&T doesn’t deserve to exist.