Well, the new layout looks nice-ish in Win IE 6. I think that about covers everything, except of course Opera and iCab. I think it’s okay for me to arbitrarily decide that I don’t much like people who use Opera or iCab though, so I’m not going to worry about it.

I’ve got enough to worry about today.

I have sitting on my desk a second generation Universal Media Reader, exhibiting a bug that was supposed to be fixed in the second generation. This is of course after finding out a few days back that every single one of the second generation units had a new and exciting bug. This product will be the death of me.

Random thought for the day: why do I bother? I’ve always believed that everything in life is an exercise in optimization, and that it’s simply a matter of making sure what you’re optimizing. I used to think I was ahead of the game, because I was optimizing happiness while others were optimizing money. I wonder if I’m doing that anymore. I’m certainly not jumping-up-and-down happy living in intelligent storage land, but then I wasn’t happy doing nothing either. I guess I need to either adjust my world view or figure out under what circumstance I would be happy.

I guess that wasn’t very random, was it?

Slightly more random thought for the day: Why the hell would anybody use a TiVo to watch the Super Bowl? The commercials are at least half the fun!