Another day.

I was struck by an odd thought this morning. The Chinese food place at the mall has a rather grotesque name: Panda Express. Think about it; they don’t serve pandas… Or do they?

In local news, I think I’ve figured out how Phoenix disk encryption could work without a custom partition map driver. It would have some advantages and disadvantages compared to my current plan, so I’ll need to think more about it. Not having to replace/reimplement IOApplePartitionScheme would be a nice escape and would definitely be to Apple’s preference, but it would leave me at their mercy for respecting the automount bit. I’m not sure which is more important to me. If I worked at a real company I’d probably ask my boss or the marketoids to make the decision, but I honestly don’t have the patience to explain the question to them. Maybe I’ll just flip a coin.

Need to check the priority queue, actually. Is Phoenix more important than Inferno?