I’m a lazy bum. We’ve been over this.

The boss leaves (with his boss, I think) for the fruit company tomorrow. Hopefully my pretty graphs will convince them of our dire need for new toys. Yeah, fat chance.

I’ve suggested that we release Hephaistos as freeware, and leave the source ajar. I anticipate legalistic objections, at which point I’ll ask permission to distribute it on its own - so in a few weeks there might actually be something on this site. Scary, eh?

One nice benefit to Hephaistos is that I’ve laid enough of the ground work for Phoenix to be fairly easy. In fact, if the cat people ever cough up the existing 10.1 code, I could probably have a full Jaguar-friendly version of Phoenix inside of a month. Assuming, of course, that no emergencies intercede.

Which they will.

Rover is having troubles again; the latest firmware (version 3? 4?) fixes some of the bugs from the last rev, but now automatically advancing to the next track isn’t always working. It seems to be specific to some tracks, but not specific to any files. I’m wondering if the famous W95 long file name FAT entry spoof is at fault.