I’ve just now finished the HTML/JavaScript for this page to the point where I’d be willing to allow people or small animals to view it directly. The post below was actually written in the Atlanta airport (as it says… are you calling the post below a liar?) during my arduous and extended trip home from MacWorld. I’ve taken the liberty of inserting the week-old post into the brand-new page. It feels like I’m cheating, but I’m not.

MacWorld was, as always, an experience. There are a number of groups or classifications to which I belong that are occasionally sources of discomfort; I’m proud to be a Mac user, but some Mac users are just so frelling nuts that I’m embarrassed to count myself among their numbers. I often feel that way about watching Star Trek or Buffy, as long as I’m on the subject.

Why do people feel the need to turn an interest into an obsession? Why do some of them push obsession to the brink of religion? Why can’t I ever write a sequence of quasi-rhetorical questions without ending in a lame joke?

I really need more of a background in psychology. People just don’t make sense.